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• What is ORBITS for Departments?

ITS has created a search engine specialized to search your department's web site. If you are an A&S department, center, institute or student organization and host your web site with ITS on our ASE server, you can request to have this feature inserted on the homepage of your site. This feature will allow visitors to search for specific content that exists only in your department's site. ORBITS will also give your visitors the option to venture outside your site and search all of Tufts' web sites.

• How can I go about getting ORBITS for Departments?

Please send an email to hosting@ase.tufts.edu and request to have this feature on your site. You will need to provide your name, department, and exact URL of the web site. The Web Editor will then contact you with the details.

• Can I see an example of ORBITS for Departments and test its functionality?

Yes - you can view how ORBITS for Departments works.  We have implemented this feature on several A&S sites; below is a list of some of them:

• I would like to use ORBITS for Departments but our department's web site is not hosted on ASE...

Unfortunately, ITS can only offer this feature to those who have web sites hosted on ASE. You can ask ITS to assist you in migrating your site to our ASE server where upon we can provide you with the ORBITS feature. Please send an email to hosting@ase.tufts.edu if you would like to migrate.